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Thus, his mixed signals might be to gauge your reactions, to see how you fit the bill, and whether you turn out to be the keeper.

Well, don't we women too do this to the men around us? The definitions of love and loving are going through constant changes as we all gather new experiences and insights about it.

If you’ve been baffled by a woman’s mixed signals, you’re not the only one.

It is tough to figure out those crazy mixed signals your guy gives.

Some begin viewing love as an evanescent passionate gusto, some take it up as a lifelong obsession, and some even treat it with genuine reciprocation.

Such perceptions and their continuous alterations cause a person to react differently.

A relationship built on manipulations or tests is seldom a healthy one.

Rejection can be a huge motivator when it comes to mixed signals.

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Put a logical end to these oscillations by knowing what a guy means when he gives out mixed signals.

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