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Correlation is one of the key components required to build a petroleum reservoir model, because it places fundamental constraints on the understanding of the reservoir architecture.

Correlation of reservoir sandstones is therefore crucial for optimising recovery of our ever-decreasing supply of hydrocarbons.

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The examples cover Triassic red-bed successions in the central North Sea and west of Shetland, which have been subdivided and correlated using provenance-sensitive ratio data and mineral morphologies; Middle Jurassic paralic sandstones in the northern North Sea, correlated using garnet geochemistry; Upper Jurassic deep water sandstones in the northern North Sea, discriminated using rutile geochemistry and detrital zircon age data; and the “real-time” application of the technique at well site in Devonian-Carboniferous fluvio-lacustrine sandstones of the Clair Field, west of Shetland.

One of the most important practical economic applications of heavy mineral analysis is the correlation of sandstones that host reserves of oil and gas.

Physical Geology examines the materials composing Earth and seeks to understand the processes that operate beneath the surface; think of it as the how and why of Geology.

In such cases, alternative methods are required [2,3].

In broad terms, three distinct approaches have been followed: sequence stratigraphic methods (such as core- and outcrop-based sedimentological criteria, geophysical log correlation, and seismic reflection data); direct or indirect dating (such as radiometric dating, magnetostratigraphy, and seawater Sr analysis), and provenance-based analytical techniques.

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