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MGH has been proudly serving the community of east Toronto since 1929.During that time the hospital has continually renewed its commitment to the community it serves.The main sources of urban methane are landfills, sewage treatment plants and natural gas distribution pipes.While expectations to reduce greenhouse gases are set globally, mitigation needs to happen locally.

In the last few years, scientists have started measuring methane levels from individual targeted sources in cities and discovered that, in Boston, a significant amount is released from natural gas pipes.

He may be best known for his role as Nick Hurley, in the 1983 film Flashdance. He began acting on Broadway in musicals like Victor/Victoria, where he performed with Julie Andrews.

He has had recurring roles in numerous television series, including NCIS as Eli David, the father of Mossad officer Ziva David, The O.

Abstract I'll offer a crash course on quantum computing, which seeks to exploit the strange rules of quantum physics to solve certain problems dramatically faster than we know how to solve them with any existing computer.

I promise no hype: just a a sober summary of how a quantum computer would actually work (hint: it's not just by "trying every possible answer in parallel"), for which problems quantum computers are and aren't expected to provide an advantage, and the current status of the worldwide effort to make quantum computing practical---and even more immediately, to achieve the first demonstration of "quantum supremacy," or a clear quantum speedup for some task (which might be a contrived one).

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