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He also became a professional boxer and won National Golden gloves two times.

During his late 20s, he changed his career to a bodybuilder. He shares knowledge about spirituality, fitness, and entrepreneurship on his channel.

He hasn’t revealed anything about his personal life and relationships. When he was a teenager, his passion for boxing grew more and more.

This dealer ended up getting murdered, and as Mike’s mother recovered from the grief, Mike went to live with his grandparents.

When it came to business, Mike Rashid started out as a personal trainer for a corporate gym, learning the industry for a year before going independent.

Mike Rashid has done it all, from guiding clients as a personal trainer, or power bodybuilding with incredible motivation, to teaming up with CT Fletcher as part of the Iron Addicts legacy, entering the ring in professional boxing and more.

Today, through You Tube videos featuring workout tips and what he gets up to day-to-day, Mike’s channel attracts millions of views in addition to his other social media platforms.

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“I’m going to say this to those aspiring to be great, or whatever they do: I sacrificed my social life tremendously because of it,” explains Mike Rashid.

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