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Rachel: We played Emily’s brothers rehearsal dinner last year. I write music and lyrics simultaneously on my guitar.I loved playing for a happy, drunk crowd all there for a great event together. Emily: I usually notice something about my current life — for instance, I’m right now starting a song about my own increasing, mid-30s, partnered-up lameness – and then begin to canvas friends for similar stories, examples, and experiences (like the fact that right now I think a great time for a party is a 1-4 pm open house: lame! That, in turn, suggests some sort of melody, which I then carry around and develop for a few weeks, before taking it to the band, when Jess adds chords and Rachel adds harmonies. For example, I knew I wanted “Weekend Service Changes” to sound old school country and to modulate a ridiculous number of times.When we countrify their songs, people can really hear their fabulous lyrics. I love the Destiny’s Child Valentine’s shows at Housing Works Bookstore in New York, and I’ve also been surprised by how enjoyable our outdoor shows have been.At our Valentine’s Day shows — when we do an entire set of DC covers — audience members always comment on how they didn’t realize funny and great DC’s songs are! Once we sang in a Park Slope garden in Brooklyn and a bunch of babies rocked out transcendentally in the front row.One other aspect of our fan base that I love is how mixed it is the only group more excited about the “Pantsuit” lyrics — “Get your dyke on, be an icon, you’ll look super cute / there’s no glass ceiling when you’re dealing with a power suit” — than the lesbians is my mom and her lady friends.

“Pantsuit” came about because my butch partner was wondering what to wear to a black tie event, and I suddenly started wondering about and canvassing friends about situations in which a pantsuit was, in fact, the answer to their wardrobe problems.Emily: The shirt isn’t in rotation, but it does have a place in my heart (and in my PJ drawer), and I do bust it out at the Dyke March whenever I can.Its sentiments should be in a song, though they aren’t yet connected to one.Rachel: I write songs a lot less frequently then the other two.My process is that I just wait for inspiration to strike (which is perhaps why I’m averaging 1.5 songs a year) and then I just write the whole thing (lyrics and chords and harmonies) in about 45 minutes. But the other too are so prolific, I’m sort of enabled, aren’t I?

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Seriously, they come in with new material every other week. AE: Where do those awesomely tripled outfits come from?

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