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Since we like to eat fresh, locally grown produce, we work to provide the kind of produce we’d look for to purchase.

As an urban farm-to-table grower, our business encompasses the best in fresh, garden-sweet product, grown clean and promoting the best practices in “green” living.

With little to show for his efforts, his enthusiasm and excitement about growing things grew.

Over that newly prepared bed, we added second and third season extension greenhouses planting spinach, kale, Cressida, Pok Choi, Mizuna, Arugula and a few various microgreens and herbs.

Dean set up a small greenhouse, with free and scavenged materials (upcycling!

) and proceeded to move it to and fro in the yard, to allow for best sunlight, or best cooling depending on the progression of seasons.

was been a year of setting up infrastructure, developing processes and putting business foundation pieces in place.

We both maintained full time jobs, making for busy nights and weekends tending to our business goals.

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