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It would need to be considered whether this level of detail would be useful to consumers and, if so, what additional information and context would need to be provided to consumers to assist in their understanding and choice making.…the aged care sector is in a state of flux and increasingly will offer a greater range of options for consumers.

Given this range of factors, the Committee acknowledges that staff numbers alone are not enough to guarantee quality care.Uniting Care Australia suggested that this category may include ‘chaplains/pastoral care workers, property/maintenance staff and hotel services staff.’Reporting systems for residential aged care sectors that are in place in other countries were highlighted by inquiry participants.Hammond Care drew attention to the USA Government’s ‘Nursing Home Compare’ website, which publishes information on staffing levels in individual aged care homes, as well as other factors that influence care.Allied health professionals are an essential part of the aged care workforce and their availability is crucial to resident care.The different types of allied health professionals should also be categorised, as older people may seek certain types of allied health support when choosing their [residential aged care facility].

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