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This document is a dynamic HTML outline (it's an export of an outline where I've compiled various Unix-OS X notes).

The triangular "handles" on subsequent sections can be clicked to expand or collapse content.

Apple's uses the Quartz environment to implement X11 in a way that attempts to give X11 windows a native look-and-feel, including provision of limited integration with native OS X applications (e.g., some drag-and-drop support).

Apple's early had enough differences from standard Unix versions that "power" X11 users had good reasons to consider alternatives (or hack Apple's X11).

Recent versions appear to be more fully compliant with standard Unix X11 implementations.

Apple hosts an is a set of C APIs that implement a large subset of the earlier Mac OS 9 interfaces, as well as providing C access to new OS X technology.

Apple has created a large number of sophisticated technologies that operate as systems on top of Darwin and Quartz.By default it will launch an xterm running your default shell, but you can alter this if you wish.There are 3rd party X11 servers available for OS X.OS X includes an is not a technology per se, but rather a set of strict guidelines specifying the expected appearance and behavior ("look and feel") of OS X GUI elements.It gets its name from its water-inspired visual theme.

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It aims to help such users become productive in OS X as quickly as possible, while providing them with background information and pointers guiding them beyond first steps.

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