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They can be endlessly fascinating and even more frustrating.And yet you still say you want a man who is smarter than you are.You’d make adjustments if you didn’t feel good about your body on January 1st.And therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re attracted to only MENSA men.Later on he begins dating Caroline Forbes, and encourages her to become a more caring, kind and selfless young woman.However, Caroline soon breaks up with him after her transition into a vampire - in order to protect him.

We are a welcoming community that understands the trials and pitfalls of managing a mental illness.

It is certainly a great place to go if you want to make new friends, consolidate your existing links, or look up old relationships.

I have read on Smedio that it took radio 38 years to attract its first 50 million users, and TV 13 years to build up an audience of the same size.

He also becomes a Medium for a short while like Jeremy Gilbert, although he could only see his sister's ghost.

He began a brief relationship with Rebekah Mikaelson, and went to Europe with her at the end of Season Four, but they ended things before she had left Mystic Falls.

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Kelly didn't like Caroline very much and called her "Matt's rebound girl".

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