Location based dating not dating magazine

My date got along so well with my friends, that we all went to another bar in the area together.Afterwords, him and I took off for a nightcap at one of my local spots, where we talked about our workout regimens (we’re both yogis!A 6’6″, fit, dreamboat of a gent sauntered into Soho House in Toronto on a rainy Wednesday evening.

That’s why Happn has become my dating app of choice.

As soon as I met him, there was an obvious and immediate chemistry.

I lead him into the main room, where I had my drink waiting on a table with friends.

The whole premise of the app is to move from online to in real life as quickly as possible, so you don’t waste people’s time if there’s no immediate connection.

This geo-location based feature means that the app matches you with people you’ve actually crossed paths with (well, within 250 meters).

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