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Typically, this means your feed will only contain the public entries you make.

However, there are two ways for people to see protected entries to which they have access: By default, the feed of your journal shows all text before a cut tag and then a link to the entry.

You can also subscribe to the The code Dreamwidth Studios uses for feeds works best with simple, valid RSS or Atom feeds.

Complex feeds or feeds that don't validate may not be usable on Dreamwidth. tag=cake These feeds can be used to read content from Dreamwidth on other sites or through dedicated feed reader programs.

That one actually takes us some effort to write new strips for!

You can enter the URL of the site if you don't know the URL of the feed, but this will only work if the page has a feed associated with it. If a feed account already exists on Dreamwidth, you will be given the opportunity to subscribe to that account.You can also subscribe to it the same way you subscribe to other journals.If no feed account exists, you will be prompted to enter a name for the feed account.They are also used by people who have limited web access or who use programs with special accessibility considerations.Anyone can read the feed of your journal, but this will not allow people to view any content they wouldn't be able to see normally.

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