Libra woman dating capricorn man

He almost always takes a few days to apologize simply because of the ego I guess.I rarely tick him off, I am a pretty sensitive person and can't stand for people to be mad at me so in the past 8 years there may have literally been 3 times he was mad at me.I am a Libra female, I have been with my Capricorn man for over 4 years now, actually till be 5 years that we met in July of this year. Well anyway, it started off where I was just so intrigued by him, he was much different from what I was normally used to, I am extremely social, I have more guy friends than I know what to do with, I mean it...course no new boyfriends will like this, of course I am also packed with grace and excellent debating skills, so he sees it and now he is proud, he thinks I am an elegant host. While Im all innocent, loving on my cap man, pretty sure we will do everything together....does get a little boring, and so I was seeing this Gemini guy while me and my cap took a break... he s great in every other way so far so im really confused....He loves that people admire me and surround me at parties. The more that I love him, the more that I see, Astrology and the chemistry that makes it up, isn't always accompanied by love. You can be completely opposite signs and be completely in love, and its not good or bad, its whatever you want, and for Libras, that's just insanity. I would never take things inappropriately far unless I knew it wouldn't hurt anyone, so this, we hang out, we laugh for showing me things I forgot about. is sex a determining factor for relationship longevity or not.I love him more than anything, but we certainly are incompatible. He is happy with electronics and television, while I am an arts and book kind of person.Probably the only thing we really agree on is that we both love music, but even the variety of music often varies greatly.

This is the roughest but most loving relationship I ever been in, its crazy and nerve rocking. What a shame, that's ok, I don't want to be with somebody that wouldn't do what ever it takes to be with the person they love more than anything because of their stubbornness.

If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. I have read your articles with interest, which say this match is a disaster waiting to happen.

We have been married for 8 years and I can say this much, it isn't easy going.

It has in fact made us grow closer by spending more time apart. I am a woman with a temper, and he is a man with an ego.

He often times doesn't know when enough is enough and I have to get really ticked off and to the boiling point for him to finally get the point.

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