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A sight so ubiquitous on Swedish Tinder it has been the subject of a number of blog posts and articles: it’s almost impossible to go on Tinder without finding at least one picture of a man holding a fish.

Part of this is because Swedes can be initially reticent before opening up to new people and, in many cases, Tinder can help cut out this awkward initial process, inspiring a confidence found easier online.If, however, you don’t know your Hammarby from your AIK, then you might want to look elsewhere.Although Tinder can help a lot of Swedes open up, it isn’t always the perfect icebreaker.Any date with them will involve talking about how different it is ‘down here’ and how you don’t know the true meaning of winter until you’ve spent it in close proximity to the Arctic Circle. It’s almost impossible to meet a Swede who hasn’t been on some kind of gap-year adventure to Bali or South America or Australia.Wherever you go in the world, you always seem to come across a Swede.

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However, more often than not, as you dig deeper into their travels, you’ll find that they actually spent most of their time with other Swedes talking about home.

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