Koreans dating other asians yahoo

I remember having class with this one guy from Japan whom I was rather fond of.I wasn’t romantically interested, but it was easy for me to see attractive qualities in him.

As horrible as it sounds, to have a crush on an Asian boy felt like moving a step down..inferior somehow. Chinese American, to be exact, and his parents both immigrated to the US as adolescents.One of my "big bros" promised his grandfathers request to only marry another Korean. If they are successful and have a good job and are very good looking, is this never enough?Have you experienced similar requests by your parents or family? Curious about these views in the fasting changing culture in Korea these days. My mom was pretty set on me marrying a korean boy but then we moved to a small town in WA and realized how unlikely that was going to be, so she gave up telling me that.I used to date a Filipino girl too, and that's further away from a Korean than a Taiwanese girl and he didn't say anything about her either.Than again, I am only 22 and marriage is years and years away.. My dad never seemed to care about race, but my mom was against me being with dark-skinned girls (SE Asian, Latina, black, etc).

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