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I believe that it potentially belongs to our suspect. We believe that these glasses did not belong to Judith and that they potentially belong to our suspect.”What scenario resulted in Judy’s murder in an isolated area of North Carolina? Was it a stranger, or someone she may have schemed to meet in Asheville?Unfortunately, North Carolina investigators still have no idea why Judy Smith was killed.According to Jeff, Judy was to meet him at their hotel at PM: Months went by, but there was no trace of Judy Smith.The Philadelphia police were just as perplexed as her husband.Her second marriage, to a thoroughbred racetrack worker named Charles Bradford, produced a son and daughter, but this union also soon ended.Judy Bradford found herself divorced, without a job, and with two small children to raise alone.However, when she finally did take the plunge, it seemed like she had finally found domestic bliss.The pair had every reason to expect a long and prosperous life ahead.

Her husband abandoned her when he fled to Sweden to avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War.

She worked hard, got herself out of welfare, advanced rapidly through her chosen profession, and brought up two fine children. Judy Bradford was a smart, assertive, take-charge sort of person who took pride in her street-smarts and ability to look after herself.

While working as a home-care nurse for a dying Boston man, Judy became acquainted with her patient's son, a successful lawyer named Jeffrey Smith. After being together for ten years, the couple finally married in November 1986.

Forensics confirmed that they were the remains of Judy Smith.

Judy’s daughter Amy was in a state of disbelief: “I was shocked.

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