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However, after Ben and Jack's experiences in the Indian Guides, the two become much closer. As Jack is asking Ben for the rings, Ben kids around and pretends to have lost them.

She "didn't want to take the gig for money alone," according to "I think immediately Tim regretted that," Karn said.

Getting paid shedloads of cash to play pretend is something millions of people dream of doing, but only a handful achieve.

But for Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the shine had worn off.

"It was a novel experience for me." (Did he meet Wills and Kate there? But they were all there at the same time, JUST SAYING.) But despite walking away, Thomas insisted that he doesn't have any regrets about his time as a child star.

"It was a great period in my life, but it doesn't define me.

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"When he left the show, he ended up going back to school and got a really good education and thought a lot about what he wanted to do with his life." Allen, on the other hand, was not happy that Thomas chose to focus on his education instead of the show.

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