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in alberta, alone, anxiety, be happy, be true, be you, boyfriend, break up, canada, care, childhood, compaints, cry, crying, daily, dating, depression, emotions, family, feelings, forgiveness, friends, friendship, getting better, grandfather, growing up, growth, happiness, heart attack, hope, hopeful, journal, life, loss, love, mental health, mental illness, moving on, night, ocd, okay, optimistic, perfect, personal, ptsd, sad, sadness, scared, smile, stress, Stress, struggles, Suicide, thanks, thoughts, tomorrow, travel, Uncategorized, wish, words, young woman, young women ≈ Leave a comment It’s almost been a year.I suppose technically I’m still depressed and technically I still have anxiety but who isn’t these days?

To me, right then and there I just felt like the third wheel to their “relationship” because they see each other every day almost- I’m just there visiting.But I’ve also never been so in love with someone this way either so I’m sure it goes hand in hand.I trust him and I trust myself and I trust us to be together in the long run.Here's a bit of a history and a science lesson, so that we may all better understand the difference between serrano vs jalapeño peppers.Serranos and jalapeños grow in different parts of Mexico.

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