Is ashley olsen dating anyone

They both missed the prom because they were co-hosting .They bought a house, a million mansion in Bel-Air, and then they went to college together, both San Fernando Valley natives enrolling at New York University in 2004.Due to the privacy rules on the Stardoll website, there is no way to know that Ashley Olsen actually has a Stardoll account.Be very careful of anyone who says they are Ashley Olsen on Stardoll or any other website.

"We're building a sales team, a merchandising team and we're going to have stores."The ladies told the publication that they made all the decisions together, and talked through everything.

And also, you know, we're mirror twins, so we also kind of go like this." She mimed balancing scales.

"One's really good, the other's not so good, it's kind of this balancing act."Eight years later, they haven't lost that sense of the importance of balance.

Ashley Olsen Official Twitter Is "Ashley Olsenxo", And Mary-Kate Olsen Official Twitter Is "im MKOlsen.

Mary-Kate's have not been on for awhile but, Ashley Olsen just started to post new replys on Jan,10,2012.

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