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Their reputation as arrogant know-it-alls can also be attributed, in part, to misperceptions involving their Te.While INFJs are strong in extraverting their judgments, INTJs can be even more so because they lack the peacemaking, people-pleasing, and socially sensitive elements of Fe.More proactive types, such as ENTJs, might even consider the INTJ a bit lazy or apathetic.Of course, INTJs would be the first to tell you that how we define lazy is entirely relative.As I have previously explained, since Ni is a Perceiving function, INTJs are best understood as dominant Perceivers.

While not necessarily their fault, this should comprise at least as much of their relational attention as trying to see and diagnose problems in their partners.

I created a profile on eharmony and filled out the questionnaire only to have absolutely no matches for the entire United States. I'm guessing it would be easier to relate and communicate with someone of a similar MBTI.

I guess no one in the USA enjoys reading, traveling, painting, or creative writing. I messed around in online dating for a short while and have one real-world friend to show for it; I've had much better luck with dating people I meet online in shared-interest communities as opposed to dating sites.

I just joined this subreddit and I never actually thought about mbti and dating before. I'm a female and I have never actually met another INTJ.

' probably really depends if you are a guy or a girl.

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