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One of our members in California (who prefers to remain anonymous) told us he has always filtered profiles on age and was very frustrated when Stitch would not let him do that. Do you look at another person’s photos and what they’ve written about themselves instead? A few months later, he met a woman on Stitch that he fell for and guess what? He said he never would have met her on any other website and that he was so grateful to Stitch for removing judgemental barriers. She has written for sites including Bustle, Hello Giggles, and Buddy TV. Dating Sites Does Lying About Age Improve The Chances Of Finding Love?Collectively, the major dating sites had more than 593 million visits in the.Provided our team can verify that you’re over fifty, it’s up to you what you’d like to include to share with other members.Many of our members are proud of their age and would prefer to share it!

Men are notorious for adding a bit of height, so if someone is not as tall as he appears online, you can therefore assume it was a conscious move on their part.Sneaky, yes, and often pointless, but sometimes such white lies are the only way for some men (and women) to get a date in the first place.9 times out of 10, this date won’t lead anywhere (as the person on the other end was looking for someone taller), but every once in a while there’s a spark – chemistry – and then you may find that some things are actually more important than height or weight.In order to make their profile appear to match with their (false) age, they might upload images that are a little old, images taken from long distances or wearing sunglasses, hats and other accessories that might disguise what they look like today.Unlike other online dating sites, Stitch doesn’t require that you put these types of information on your profile.

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