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I was intently admiring the quite fine ass of a black lady about my age 6 feet in front of me.

That behind, its particular sassy sway, stirred a slight erotic memory from my deep subconscious.

Mona came over from Pakistan, following our wedding.

She didn’t know anyone except our family and became a typical Asian housewife.

But I met her again at a lawn event at my son’s college where her grandson was also enrolled.

The fire had apparently not extinguished as we shortly found… Read more Rediscovering Julie Yikes, it was hot! I was walking out of the sports arena where the new cadets had been assembled and marched off, leaving parents, wiping sweat from my forehead.

I climbed in the bed and spooned him, and kissed the nape of his warm neck taking in the manly musky smell that is my Master Daddies body cologne, when he said in a whispered tone, “I got a stiffey.” “Really and why is that Master Daddy?

Same race or interracial dating, chat with anyone on our site who catches your eye and enjoy getting to know them and flirting with them!Forty years before a girl in my high school would cause my cock to tingle and waken just walking by.Though it was not the same high, tight, hard as rock ass of my memory but now a somewhat b… Read more Master Daddies Friday morning cockslut I woke up this Friday morning like every other morning I get out of bed and hit the shower, but when I got out of the shower this morning, and went back into the bed room to get some stuff I need for my day I saw my Master Daddy laying there with his ebony skin dewy with sweat from the night.She's the Slut that is being tested for possible acceptance into our club?" Bill looked Kathy over and then put both his hands on her tits and squeezed and played with them for a couple minutes while Robert… Read more At first, I didn’t understand what she was saying or why: “You want to suck cock”, she said, “I can tell you want it. Julie was standing over me with her black pussy poised just in front of my mouth.

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