Ink dating techniques

The methods you learn through these exercises all come with tons of visuals so you can study the end result.

Cross hatching is a popular choice but you can toy around with other techniques and different paper quality as well.

You can work through these lessons using references from the Internet or by going into the “real world” to find them.

Any artist can pick up this book and find some value in the writing.

But I also wouldn’t call this a definitive guide so it’s worth grabbing Alphonso’s book alongside this one if you’re teaching yourself.

The process of inking is very detailed and it covers more than simply staying along the lines.

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A large handful of professional artists chime in with their suggestions making this information even more valuable.Pen and ink drawing is one of the most visually varied art practices in history.Dating back to ancient Egypt, ink drawing has been used over the centuries for many different types of art, from calligraphy to tattooing to art sketches and formal drawings.This is perhaps one of the best books on inking you’ll find.Alphonso always encourages his You Tube subscribers to draw with ink because it forces you to make marks and work around them.

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Here’s a much older book dating back to 1997, yet the drawing techniques are still quite relevant.

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