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It also directs where to go and what to do if children are worried about any of the issues covered.” Today I was alerted to this video doing the rounds on Facebook, I do think parents and kids should watch it, it certainly might open a few eyes.I think this cyber safety film from CEOPS is a valiant attempt to get parents and kids to understand they need to take as much care with their online safety as they do with their offline safety. But whilst there are some very good points made in this film, I’m concerned about part of it’s message, that I, and many other parents who commented on Facebook interpreted as “its ok for a 10 year old to be on a Facebook Like social media site, as long as they do it safely”.i Chat and Skype, and SMS still works well if kids are on a set pre paid plan.These are the only two well known and used apps that do not encourage sharing on social media.Through these programs, we strive to foster a comfortable work environment and enhance positive work relationships.Our policies are administered completely and inclusively to ensure the consistent and equitable treatment of all.Lets hope that your child’s friends haven’t friended any strangers, that your child’s friends also protect and hide their friends lists, hide their posts and pictures from the public, and that they don’t share your child’s posts after making a nasty comment on it, or changing posts or pictures with photoshop type software.

We will allow you to use, limited SMS, Skype, i Chat and perhaps one of the Kid safe social media sites.This will enable us to be dedicated professionals committed to our jobs and to our Church.With the above Mission Statement at the forefront of what we do, the Human Resources Office is responsible for the maintenance of personnel records for the diocesan central offices, oversees the administration of employee benefits and maintains payroll information for the central office staff.I worry that not banning a child from adult/teen 13 social media if underage or encouraging underage participation in social media says more about the parents misunderstanding of how social media works, the sharing, the commenting, the lack of privacy.I also worry that it might be more about the parents desire for a quiet life, or because they are truly concerned that their child will be left behind or ostracised.

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