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I have two unidentified family photos from the second half of the 1800's, one of which I SUSPECT could be one of my Confederate ancestors.Any help putting an approximate date to these photos, based on clothing style, hair style or something else would be greatly appreciated, as it could narrow the possibilities.if you were feeling hot after dating you will feel cold..........because may be chest of some one sticked to your and mouth of some one sucked and corresed your When dating a girl.You need to be sensitive to the girls feeling and you have to take an interest in what she does.I mean dating with a girl is when you bang them one night never call them again, c'mon man just watch " How I Met Your Mother', just watch…you were asking a girl for date but help includes dating if you are at date side you are helped at feeling side.That should probably include a line chart but life interrupted before I got to that.

All you need if you really like this girl, is your heart and that will tell you what to do. But dont ask her where she would like to go to eat, find out what she likes and then surprise her.Good luck sweet, xcookiebrownx Well if you half to ask what is dating then you don't need to know, I mean are you like 12?C'mon bro don't be a idiot if you don't know what dating with a girl is, then you don't need to know what it is!You ask that girl if she said yes..she did tell her that you are his girlfriend already. This person can write a prescription for female hormones that will help to change your body into that of a girl. The correct phrase in all sentences would be "in need of help" because "in" starts the phrase.

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I could type this in as I go because I have to type in the time as I go anyway.

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