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Or another example would be sex during menstruation.

For obvious reasons, the blood of the menstruation could possibly be a route of transmission to the secondary partner.

However - if you are SVR - or UND - from what I understand the chances become lowered. Condoms, umbrellas, rain coats, plastic paint coat, slick shiny, rubber love glove, latex bucket, drain cage - or whatever euphemism you might choose to use - use it. And it's a good thing you've been honest with your lover - because that's the first step to love.

This discussion about telling your date you have Hepatitis C is intended to help you determine where that line is and how to approach it.In addition, sharing this personal bit of information helps lay the groundwork for honesty in any potentially lasting relationship. Dating With Hepatitis C, Retrieved October 20, 2013, Greenview Foundation, 2013. Hepatitis C Dating Services, Retrieved October 20, 2013, Glenn Abel, 2013. Hep C is transmitted through Blood to Blood Contact.However - with that as a caveat - note that any activity that may cause tears or rips within the skin - may cause situations where blood is involved. If both partners are involved with cuts or sores (However small) - and one partner is infected - well then - It is quite possible that there could be a contamination of one partner to the other.

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Kiss and Tell: Having the ‘Hepatitis C Conversation’, Retrieved October 20, 2013, Glenn Abel, 2013. , Retrieved October 20, 2013, US Department of Veteran Affairs, 2013.

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