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The group were angry with their manager, Brian Epstein, for insisting on what they regarded as an exhausting and demoralising itinerary.

To the Beatles, playing such concerts had become a charade so remote from the new directions they were pursuing that not a single tune was attempted from the just-released Revolver LP, whose arrangements were for the most part impossible to reproduce with the limitations imposed by their two-guitars-bass-and-drums stage lineup.

It is described as one of the first art rock LPs, aiding the development of progressive rock, and is credited with marking the beginning of the album era. Pepper in the National Recording Registry as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".I was pretty shocked to be getting my book published, period.But to have it available in different languages around the world? It hit me: I should write a book about a group of happily single girls who form a club. I’d hear their music on the Oldies station my mom listened to. Before I started a pity party for myself (I was single at the time too, but no boys were paying attention to me), I thought: You know what? Why am I getting upset that she is getting all of the attention? We should all get together and go out every Saturday night…AH-HA! Even though many things changed, the heart of the story remained the same: single girls, do indeed, rule and never, ever change yourself for a guy. The Beatles had a huge influence over Why the Beatles? My piano teacher got me a Beatles book in fourth or fifth grade.

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