Handle rowupdating

I don't know where, when, why the exception is raised.

Because they were bound to the same datasource, every time i change one of the combo Box value than the second one will have the same value.

Indicates whether an empty row island should be created for a child band that does not have any rows. Once viewstate is being tracked, all property changes are roundtripped from server to client and back within the View State hidden field.

The row island and the expansion indicator are not visible on the client until a row is added to it via Java Script.

Determines whether CRUD operations should be automatic or manual. This method determines if the property with the specified Id within the View State bag is dirty and needs to be sent to and from the client.

If you compile and run that program, you'll see the order in which the events fire when you add, modify, and remove a row from a Data Table customers Data Table = my Data Set.

To accommodate this scenario we'll need another overload of the _ Public Function Update Product _ (By Val product Name As String, By Val unit Price As Nullable(Of Decimal), _ By Val units In Stock As Nullable(Of Short), By Val product ID As Integer) As Boolean Dim products As Northwind.

NET is the front end of Data Adapter so i can not directly manipulating the Data Adapter.event is raised when a row's Update button is clicked, but before the Grid View control updates the row.

Well that problem is solved by making both of the combo Box bound to different reference.

My Row Updated event problem is solved but with some question in my head.

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