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And in 2011, Gyllenhaal actually presented Portman with the Desert Palm Achievement Award, and he had nothing but nice things to say about her.

However, before these two finally decided to part ways for good, there was a time in their relationship when they had a brief break.The relationship rumors continued and Kenrick’s comments about filming ] on tiny cameras with very little lighting and a very small crew. So Jake and I would be holding hands and suddenly we'd be like, 'Oh, we're not filming.'" Can you really get so caught up in the moment that you forget you’re filming?Also, it seems like they had no problem “acting” like they were a couple.They first got together in 2002, after being introduced by Gyllenhaal’s sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, who Dunst starred with in the film, , "It would be nice to see him.But we're not good friends." The fact that five years later people still wanted to know about their relationship is evidence of just how much public interest surrounded it. They sparked dating rumors in 2011 when they were spotted together in California looking very cozy, with Gyllenhaal’s arm around Kendrick. You're in character all the time because you're shooting all the time.

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This was a kiss that said, ‘We're Dating.’” In Hollywood, there is always a lot of attention surrounding celebrities and who they spend their time with, and sometimes even if two people hang out it’s going to cause relationship rumors.

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