Guidelines for speed dating

I have returned to dating as to an old rival: with something to prove.

, or Jewish matchmaking event, speed dating (a registered trademark until 2010, when the mark was cancelled) takes place in a big room, often a restaurant’s private dining room. An equal number of men rotate among the women, spending five or so minutes talking to each.I sat at my computer sending women emails — a futuristic Robert Browning. (Still a thing in rural America, where a third of people lack broadband access.)Many profiles didn’t have pictures. The pics that were present tended to be scanned Polaroids, in their smudged and bleary glory. I assumed online dating would work for me a third time. I was struggling to get someone to respond to me using a device that was in her purse, or her pocket, literally all the time. Speed dating is a sort of throwback to the dating of fifty years ago: superficial social events governed by prescribed social rules. It demands less of a commitment than a traditional date and offers “less to explore emotionally than lengthy one-on-one dinners.”It’s not as scary, in other words.Needed to cut somebody out of a photo before scanning it? According to one study, people know in the first few minutes of meeting someone whether they’re interested in that person.In other words, as the number of men increases, the number of men the women wanted to see decreases.This may explain why online dating has a worse response rate: too many options, which can lead to paralysis.

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