Grounds for invalidating a will

RATE cases could be recommended longer periods—six months for small enterprises, one year for medium enterprises, and one to two years for large enterprises.Conducting long audits that continually drain the taxpayer’s finances hurts only the taxpayers and often used by corrupt revenue examiners.Once an audit is finished, even if it was rendered void, the BIR cannot examine those same parameters (i.e. In other words, the BIR has every reason to follow the due process to ensure that it will be able to collect from its investigations.However, this does not mean that taxpayers should rely on such invalidations all the time.If they are not able to collect a certain portion of their imposed assessment, then they should face strict administrative measures.

After the audit is finished, the BIR will issue a Notice for Informal Conference (NIC), containing the taxpayer’s liabilities.LOAs need to be specific, containing which types of taxes will be audited and for what taxable year.While sanctioning the audit of all types of taxes is allowed, LOAs can only cover one taxable year.The taxpayer can then contest the assessment through an informal conference within 30 days from the issuance of the notice.If the BIR is not convinced by the taxpayer’s argument, it will proceed with the issuance of a Preliminary Assessment Notice (PAN).

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