Going dutch while dating

The British used the term Dutch in a number or derogatory or demeaning ways, including Dutch courage (bravery through alcohol) and Dutch treat, which was actually no treat at all.

Some couples, however, are very comfortable with the decision to go Dutch, especially during early casual dates.While what is expected can vary according to the country and culture, dating is still viewed by many as being steeped in the tradition of a man pursuing and wooing a woman. It is widely accepted the person who asked should at least offer to pay the total bill.Asking someone on a date means you are assuming the role of host (or hostess) just as if you had invited a potential partner to your home for a meal; you wouldn’t ask for half of the costs for the ingredients! There is a big difference between two friends hanging out and going on an official date.Whatever your views on going Dutch, you should know after the first date if you’re interested in seeing him again for date number 2.Agreeing or even insisting on going Dutch can depend on your levels of integrity and if you want to see him again.

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