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Dave "Bullseye" Fukushima); Kipp Shiotani (Corporal Johnny "Nomu" Nomura); Ryun Yu (Pvt. Traci Murase (Frances Nakajo); Jennifer Aquino (Grace Nakajo); Gina Hiraizumi (Eleanor Takase); Sharon Omi (Charlene Naganuma); Takayo Fischer (Mrs.

Nakajo); Music: Dan Kuramoto; Kimo Cornwell; Cinematography: Michael G.

Those are the kinds of comments that tell me we created something very special." While the history as portrayed in the film is generally accurate, there are some minor errors and inconsistencies. Yukio "Yuk" Nakajo), Tamlyn Tomita (Mary Takata), Jeff Fahey (Lt. Sato (Corporal Richard "Hilo" Imamura), Michael Sun Lee (Pvt. Visit the Encyclopedia Links to other articles in the Encyclopedia are marked with a icon.

In the scene in Manzanar in which he tells his wife he is volunteering for the army, Doc Naganuma cites the many Nisei from Seattle who are volunteering from that camp. William Terry), Pat Noriyuki Morita (Seigo Takata), Greg Watanabe (Private Freddy Watada), Ken Narasaki (Dr. Learn more in the Densho Encyclopedia, a free on-line resource covering the key concepts, people, events, and organizations that played a role in the forced removal and incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II.

As part of the Universal Studios Independent Film Program, Nishikawa was able to film 85 percent of the film on the Universal back lot and also got access to pre- and post-production services.

Shot in eighteen days in May 2004, Nishikawa also shot at the Japan-America Theater in Los Angeles Little Tokyo (most of the flashbacks including the concentration camp scenes) and at Ernest E.

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In 2016, he did another TV rom-com called “Diagnosis Delicious,” but that flick was for Pix L.

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