G dragon dating dara

The rumours started doing the rounds after a video of G-Dragon kissing Sandara went viral.

Also Read: Here's why fans think BIGBANG's G-Dragon may have hinted at band's new song G-Dragon and Sandara kissed after Bigbang's concert in Seoul on January 8.

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Many of the YG Family members attended the concerts and after party.

With a huge crowd of fans hanging around the venue, G-Dragon was spotted leaving with Sandara Park, holding his arm around her and apparently shielding her from the crowd and photos.

And would fans even care if the two were actually dating? It is definitely out of character for the company to speak out, but perhaps fans will never know the real reason they chose to deny these specific rumors.

Regardless, all YG-stans can agree that they would love G-Dragon and Sandara Park no matter who they were dating!

However, neither YG nor G-Dragon ever confirmed or denied the relationship.

Despite the fact that rumors like these would usually only last a few days before fizzling out, YG quickly responded and said the two were definitely not dating and had only posed like that as a joke.

Rumors like these are not unusual for G-Dragon, nor are they unusual for G-Dragon and Sandara Park together since many fans “ship” the two friends and have done so for years.

Alleged proofs that the two are dating resurfaced online.

Speculations are rife that Bigbang's G-Dragon and Sandara Park are dating.

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