Freshman in high school dating freshman in college

The problem is that you're pretty young still, and she's just to young.

You're both a couple years to young to form a long term relationship, mostly because you'll both keep maturing, and become "different" people over the next few years. I suggest you write her letters and/or E-mails, and phone her about once a week.

now, you're just getting started in what's gonna be the biggest thrill of your life.

you're gonna meet so many interesting people, not to mention a great many members of the fairer sex. I commute to school, but she lives about 40 minutes away from where I live and where I go to school,, kinda the third point on a triangle of all of them I guess,, if that makes any sense. I can't remember the last person who's a girl that I've been able to talk to so easily and not be so nervous around.

well she came up and gave me a big hug and we talked for a few minutes(literally only like 3 minutes) and then i had to go.

she facebooked me later that night and said that she was happy she finally got to see me again.

well, it was about a week ago at the high school homecoming football game.

You could take her out on a date when you're in her town, but don't let it be exclusive.

if it were me, i'd leave her to her high school life and inevitable high school drama, and live my own life, taking advantage of the many oppurtunities you will be presented with. Reasons why you should wait: a) You'll meet new people. c) Age difference could be an issue, especially depending on her parents. Her parents aren't really an issue, I met her mom the other day and she seemed to like me.

it is ultimately your choice, but i don't see you developing and moving foward in life at the same rate if you still have an anchor to the high school years keeping you from going on.(Basically, repeating what everyone else has already said) Become friends with her. That said, there are a lot of good ones (visually) at my new school I think she said she's thinking about going to the same school I am, so maybe it'd be best to stay good friends until she starts going to the same school, and then seeing if it'd work to take it somewhere else.

I think you should do what you want, but I predict in a few months that you will lose interest. You'll regret not knowing what it might have been like if you don't.

I've been kicking myself in the ass for not dating this one girl when i had the chance only because I was too woried about what people would say.first off, i've moved this thread to the sexuality board.

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we never really talked, but she used to laugh at all the jokes id make with my friends on the bus.

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