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Once set, your account name can only be changed by going through the We Chat verification process again (and paying another 300RMB).Your account logo and introduction can be changed up to five times per month.Once you select your organization type (government, media, corporate, or other) the appropriate form will ask for your organization’s and account administrator’s basic information.This step requires you to register an administrator who has a Chinese national ID (身份证 shēn fèn zhèng) and a 86 mobile phone number.We Chat verification is the only option that provides the gold badge on your profile and access to advanced platform features and interfaces.You’ll need to pick an account name, enter a short introduction to your account, and select your “operating area”. Spaces and most special characters are prohibited — only Chinese characters and alphanumeric characters.

Decide whether to register a Subscription account (订阅号) or a Service account (服务号).You’ll need to enter your company name and business registration number exactly as they appear on your local business license.You’ll also need to designate an account administrator, entering their full name and passport number, and verifying a mobile phone number.We were able to register and verify an account for this blog post in less than twenty-four hours.In the meantime, We Chat drops you right into your new account backend and you’ll be able to upload a profile photo and setup other basic features while you wait for verification.

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If you’re still unsure of which account type to choose, seek advice before proceeding.

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