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This is the second part of an origin story about the community college.

Changing its name in the district that will be known as "African Heights", the school honors black culture during the exciting days of inclusion and diversity.

The sun gushed over the town of Clintonville, Mississippi.

Isaac Singleton pulled up to the station and got out of his truck.

She knows I am glad I encouraged her as I did and now she understands a bit more of it too.

A predominately-white city has an abrupt change of culture when it elects its first African-American mayor.

His dickhead was opening her brutally, stretching her painfully.

"Please, my husband...." Connie could not finish whatever it was she wanted to say as he opened her tight lips with a head that was almost as large as her closed fist.

I approached the full-length mirror that hung from the door of my closet and took off my "pajamas" and was almost completely...

When he started pushing firmly into her, Connie gasped and tried to push him away, but it was no use as his strength greatly exceeded hers, and he was on top.

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