Fred durst christina aguilera dating whos dating duane the rock johnson

“It was a big deal for me to pull that off, because I just always wanted to be a filmmaker; I thought I’d put together a band and direct some videos,” he continued.

“Little did I know the band would turn into what it turned into and be a source to tap into some of the different things that happened in my life, being a bullied and tortured kid,” Fred said.

They were married in Nappy Valley on November 19, 2005, and welcomed their first (and only) child together, Max Liron, in January musician and production assistant Matt Rutler, who she met on the set of the cabaret-inspired movie.

Most of these rumors started on account of rapper Eminem’s verse in “The Real Slim Shady” where he accused Xtina of getting it on with both Carson and Fred Durst of the metal rap group Limp Bizkit.

Although the two were said to be hot and heavy, it looks like their romance was very short-lived.

They were spotted a few times together after that night, but things seemed to fizzle after a while.

Last year, Fred reflected on his 20-year career in the music business, discussing his greatest achievements.

“Well I guess being able to pull off actually getting a record deal from a garage and just somehow navigating an early entrepreneur business and hustle my way into getting some attention,” he told Flipboard.

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