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Each time you speak hypnotically, move slightly closer to her. You want to continue going back and forth, (hypnotic speaking and regular speaking) until it’s pretty obvious she’s willing to do anything.You can do things like lean over to whisper in her ear, and increase the kino with each successive mini-hypnosis session.First you isolate her, and take her to a different part of the bar.Then you take her down the street to a smaller bar. Don’t be leery or make any sexual comments or suggestions.Then you take her to your favorite midnight waffle house. Even though it might take place over a couple of hours, it feels as if she’s been on several “mini-dates” with you, which ultimately serves the same purpose. Just be polite and talk to her like you would another guy. Use any patterns that imply getting comfortable with somebody.To get her to feel more familiar with you in a shorter time period than she normally would. You don’t need to use any sexual language or innuendo. Just use some patterns that create a feeling of emotional comfort. Talk to her like a buddy for another couple of minutes. Get her to wonder if what she thought happened actually happened, or if it was her imagination. You don’t need sexual language or roller coasters or anything like that. After a few minutes of hypnotic language, switch back to regular buddy-buddy talk.

This is exactly why showing the girl of your dreams a three-hour Power Point presentation on your first date is the worst idea ever. So before you learn about fractionation and how to use it, you’ve got to understand that getting a girl to open up to you is going to require you being able to create the right emotions in the right order. But you can’t accelerate what you can’t do or understand. Luckily, even if this is your first time even thinking about the subject, I’ve got your back. Read this entire post, memorize the structure and the scripts, and you’ll be getting laid in no time. The first time they came to see him, they were a bit reluctant on going deeply into trance.This is when you specifically talk about romantic situations.Once you see that “look” from her that means she’s transitioned from “buddy-buddy” listening to “hypnotic” listening, give her only a minute or two of the good stuff, and switch back to buddy-buddy talk.The same goes with dating, she needs time (or thinks she needs time) to become comfortable with you before she can open completely and let you get deep into her. On the other hand, when using fractionation to get into her mind (and elsewhere) within an hour, you still need to approach her. The fractionation part of seduction is speaking hypnotically, and you can create that initial comfort the same way. When you use a traditional, non-hypnotic approach, everything is conscious. She knows you are coming up to her to hopefully have sex with her.And just like the hypnotist found his patients could get just as comfortable with him within an hour to let him deep into their mind, you can get any girl that will talk to you (and would go out with you on a regular old-school date) to do the same. But since you’re using fractionation hypnosis, you’ve got an ace up your sleeve.

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  1. As does the late 40-something man that she towers over next to her. Despite the palpable nerves in the room, everyone seems to give an honest and straight answer. Am I meant to keep repeating the same thing over and over, or keep imagining up other lovely things to say about this complete unknown before me? You can opt out of any of the exercises but I don’t want to be ‘that’ person.