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So their sweaty hands know not what each other is doing while their hoped for weapons, law and justice, are easily pulled away from them prior to a quick slap to either cheek.

Pornographers are business people the likes of which they cannot stand.

Outside our enclave the winds blew quite strong, possibly stronger because we were congregated. The forces of oppression have gained ground in government, yet the people have spoken for porn.

The government that was elected by the people for the people however is swimming against this desire, whether photographic, video or live, armed with their exclusive morality and inclusive piety, yet not able to cling to the weapons they would want to use: the will of the people, which was instilled in the machinery of government over 200 years ago.

We will survive this war, though in what condition know one rightly knows at the moment.

The only thing that is certain is that they may purge their holy homeland of the filth of one pornography for another, worse "scourge", the people will always be there wanting what they've always wanted - they will only be getting it from other lands, from other pornographers or perhaps even the same who will have joined a mass business exodus towards freelands where as throughout history those who loved liberty and the freedom to worship the deities of their choice have always migrated.

Unfortunately for Flirt4Free, it looks like a cheap imitation of the other sites, because they didn't take the time to make sure the images they're showing are high-res.

There's also a feature called "super voyeur." It's basically a multi-cam application that lets you view as many as six different shows simultaneously.

Each will cost you two credits for five seconds, so if you watch all six, you'll burn through a lot of credits quickly.

There's also the ability to be notified when your favorite model is online.

I tried it on the new generation i Pod Touch and things worked fine and the video looked good.

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