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He went from 40,000 subscribers to 100,000 subscribers in only a month and continued making FIFA videos until he got a viral FIFA video called, "FIFA 17!!!

" that got 2 million views in its first few days increasing his subscriber count from 160,000 subscribers to 200,000 subscribers in a few days as well.

[MUST WATCH]" , where Morgz purchases the entire Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass, and his mother finds out Morgz used his mother's credit card.

), better known online as Morgz, is a British You Tube vlogger and gamer who does pranks, challenges, Fortnite and commentary videos.

He is well known throughout the community as being youtube's most popular prankster, creating hits like The Pause Challenge.

Many of his challenges are not supported as previous videos due to lack of over-hyping, over-exaggerating and making the videos obviously fake.

But these videos are intended for little kids as the videos are still most of the time supported as Morgz is still growing rapidly.

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