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I awoke from what I thought was a dream, the best sex I have ever had, in my life and the man that I had the great sex with was beside me in the bed. What happened and how did I find myself in this "incestuous" mess? Robby shared a dorm room with 3 other boys, I couldn't stay with him so I booked a room at the local hotel with 2 doubles and Robby and I were going to spend parents weekend doing what parents and new students do, learning about the campus etc."Robby, no, I am your mother you shouldn't be looking at me like that", but again I hadn't moved, I just stood there knowing it wasn't right to let my son ogle my body but I didn't move.I could see the lust in his eyes, he was mentally undressing me and I stood there, still and let him.Robby, though shy agreed to share the room so I checked in gave him a key, he went off to meet some friends I went off to the room for a nap. After the shower I put on clean panties and a bra, walked into the bed room and to my surprise I heard whistle, turning, there was Robby eyes wide staring at me in my undies.I stated back toward the bathroom, but Robby yelled, don't go, you look beautiful.

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I stopped and turned saying you shouldn't be seeing your mothers in her underwear but I didn't move.

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