Enrich data by updating records rather than creating new records dating a soldier disaster story

Data decays at an average rate of 2 percent per month, which means up to 25-30 percent of your organization’s contact data goes bad each year, undermining marketing effectiveness and profitablility.

Listware helps you clean up and enrich all your People Data fast – names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

Historically, those hours were spent manually entering data, adding new contacts, meeting notes, tasks, activities, etc.

Our platform not only saves companies a lot of time and money, but it also allows their business development, sales and marketing teams to focus more energy on closing deals and connecting with customers, which is what business is really all about.

Using existing Introhive ERM technology, with features like signature scraping and pre-meeting digest reports, our customers in professional services are already changing the game for their industry by cutting down on administrative CRM data entry and automating their revenue-generating activity.

Now, with Cleanse, professionals across these firms—from partners to practitioners to marketing to business development and data stewards—they all have an easy and instant way to keep their contact and relationship databases clean.

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A: We’re really excited about releasing Introhive’s Cleanse™ product to our current customer base and to the broader professional services market.

Our customers are sharing significant ROI impact stories within the first 30 days of launching Introhive.Before Cleanse, the majority of our customers were forced to deal with old, irrelevant data in their CRMs, or they were forced to periodically manage a complicated and expensive database cleanup project.Now with Cleanse, AI patterns help identify incorrect or missing data automatically.Then, based on the intelligence that is gathered, the solution proactively and automatically gives data stewards, CRM admins and marketing teams an on-demand way to update existing records, create new contacts or remove old stale data.Q: What are some of the specific use cases or scenarios you can share on how consumers can leverage your newest solution?

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The technology is part of Introhive’s core offering and uses AI to automatically enrich contact data within a CRM environment.

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