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Balfour talked with Collider about HAVEN, whose second season starts airing on Syfy July 15.One of the most fun things that people are going to get to see in season two with Duke is the emergence of a love interest, in several different amalgamations, Balfour reveals Im excited about that, and getting to see Duke not quite as confident as always.Although each season is unique and theres always a different dynamic to the crew, the writing room and the actors, you still learn a lot from what youve already done.You learn what works and what doesnt, and you can carry that into the next season.

Adam Copeland, WWEs Edge, guest stars as Dwight Hendrickson, a longtime Haven resident who assisted Nathans late father in keeping particularly suspicious supernatural activity under wraps.

Now as acting Sheriff of Haven, Nathan finds himself reaching out to Dwight just as his father did before him.

HAVEN SEASON 2 Friday, July 15 @ 10pm (ET/PT) -- Last season, when FBI agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) arrived in the town of Haven, Maine on a routine case, her knack for unraveling mysteries proved an asset when she discovered that the seemingly sleepy town was, in fact, a longtime refuge for people with supernatural afflictions.

Theres a character who comes in this season that really pushes Dukes buttons, and thats not something you got to see a lot of last year.

Mostly, what were excited about is just improving on what we did last year. Its always a balance between what the network and the studio requires, and what we want to do creatively, and everyone has very valid points for what they need, but every season that you do something, you learn a little more about it.

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