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In this picture, Edison Chen apparently has escalated when Dad confirms these rumors.

Netizens have bless Chen Dad: "Real life, Chen is a father. " There netizens said: "Daughter is good, looks like Dad, build with the mother, the future must be a big beauty!

On July 29, Lin Chi-ling and Edison Chen attended the press conference in Shanghai respectively.

Edison Chen, who preceded the press conference, shouted out at Lin Chi-ling in the hope of coming out with reasons.

Eat melon people review things after: On the night of July 27 last year, Edison Chen scolded Lin Chi-ling on social media, causing public outcry.The past couple had travelled across the world and posted several vlogs of their trips on their shared You Tube account (which has since been taken down).Singapore’s reigning queen bee in the influencers scene, Xiaxue has recently taken to Twitter and Facebook to directly send cryptic messages to Joal Ong.Be sure to ask the majority of fans: Sofie Stougaard is where people can actually be used to rein bohemian prodigal son??Sofie Stougaard was born on August 10, 1990 in Kaifeng, Henan Province, and is the third Asian model to appear on the show. Sofie Stougaard still has a history of marriage before dating Edison Chen.

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He also acted on a few local TV series including Channel 5’s “Exposed” and Channel 8’s “Against the Tide”.

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