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With lots of questions to increase your insight and plenty of strategic guidance, he stresses the underlying principle that finding a mate is a serious endeavor.

And much like anything else worth pursuing in life, to be successful you’ve got to have a specific, well-laid out plan with the skills to match. Phil’s style isn’t for everyone and he really doesn’t have the answer for everything, this book has solid advice to jump start, tune-up, and sharpen your dating strategy.

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Start talking to yourself better and you will really be able to see the truth in that.

Do you believe that every woman has mistreated you?

This tweet is for you, and the quote could change your life if you live by it. Today is the best day to start taking action for your happiness, and Dr. How you perceive everything around you dictates how your life plays out. What you see in one situation or person is not what someone else sees.

For instance, if you see women as mean, then you will never really have a good relationship with women. That means there are many different possible ‘realities’ going on right now, and you can change how you look at the world and how you interact with it.

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When you let other people abuse you or make you feel bad, they think it’s okay to do so. Adopt it into your belief system and you will feel better about being alone. It’s almost a joke that hiding things from your partner is a part of life. The best partner has nothing to hide from you – and they hide nothing.

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