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Here are the tips that helped me on that boos:-Gizonde is a beauty there, hits multiple boxes and that boss is slow as molasses so you can run up to them and cast away.

Remember that rods are generally much more powerful than wands unless you have one with Empower lightning.-when they start spinning, their trajectories for the fireball are fairly set. You can see the trajectories for the fireball and stand in between two of them.-kill one of them asap. I had my earth armor equipped, assuming because they were earth based I'd take less damage, but I guess I chose wrong?

Out of, I'd say, 20 tries (no lie), I have been able to complete one MP mission without a disconnect. -try connecting to the general internet on your psp. See if your connection gets interrupted via that format. I know ppl in these situations like to talk excessively like pro's and chop down ideas so i'll say clearly that I'm def not a pro and have no idea what ideas are more viable but online's fun as hell so wanted to help I think there's something wrong with my PSP entirely, been just now testing a few different settings and it can't even test the connection without failures.....

It took me about 10 tries before I could even transfer a few items from my account to my brother online. Definitely losing motivation quick to play online :(Hmmm, I have no idea and don't wanna talk outta my ass but in these sorts of situations, i'd try trouble shooting. but I'm posting this message just fine on my PC lol.

The other issue is when an attack messes you up mid chain/PA.

It can be reduced w super armor but that can get annoying.

I can generally make a game just fine, but I have a very high chance of disconnect after just 5 mins of being logged in. I know you said it's not your connection but for toubleshooting sake, can't hurt right?

I forgot which is weaker to spells/physical attacks but do your best to focus all your attacks on just one of them. From what I can tell on a few posts, tanking damage with defense and mind isn't viable, but I think it is if you play your cards right.

Because of their slow speed, you can complete a PA before they resume movement. When I have my sword equipped ( mind/def) and have some decent armor on, I can survive a handful of hits even from level 130 enemies (i'm only 103 right now) which isn't bad imo.

with this latest escapade validating my distrust lol)Hmmm, that def sounds like there's something wrong w your psp. Before any of that though, I'd try out another wireless at a starbucks or school library. how do you even do that boss, more OP than the final boss or dulk falkis' nuke attack even, but that's another problem entirely lol)lol, that boss has a fire attack that's incredibly overpowered.

Since you never use wireless, it could be your chosen wireless provider doesn't provide a consistent/strong signal Just something bad with the settings I guessed, I screwed around for 2hr and idk what changed if anything, but I was then able to complete a whole run of maximum attack cross 1 (minus getting one shotted by the boss... The first time I made it there, the same thing happened to me.

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As always, this kind of application have risks, this one in concrete write to idstorage area of nand. - If things didn't go that fine, you'll have a non-functional psp, aka brick.

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