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In our review, we took its gut biome test, which required our intrepid reviewer to send in a poop sample (insert poop emoji here).

Next, you'll receive an email alert that your results are ready, and that's when the fun begins.

If you already use genealogy software, you may be able to download your results and upload them into your preferred program.

Otherwise, Ancestry DNA and others featured here have family tree software that you can easily link.

The company was also prohibited from shipping DNA kits to Maryland.

The 23and Me shipping issues resulted partly because when the company first launched, it tested for a litany of health issues and genetic markers for disease, raising concerns from the FDA and other agencies.

Some services include shipping costs in the cost of the kit; Ancestry DNA's fee includes two-way shipping.

That said, they differ in the collection process and, to a smaller extent, the cost of shipping.

When we tested 23and Me back in mid-2015, the company was unable to accept DNA samples collected in or sent from New York State, because of local laws (we had to cross the border to New Jersey).

All five services require this, and if you don't do it, you won't be able to access your results.

This requirement is to protect your privacy—your name won't appear on the kit or the results—and to easily track your kit as it goes through the process.

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