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The partial view needs to live inside a master/parent page, so let's create one: The partial view is just a very slimmed down version of a normal view. Usually, you should avoid putting any javascript and css references in the partial view and try to make it as lightweight as possible.

The name of the view should be the same as the one used in the The idea here is to reload the partial view on the page when the user selects a different category from the drop down list.

What is even greater is that j Query makes it a piece of cake to interact and update partial views with only a few lines of code!

I tell people all the time – I’m horrible at optimizing my own personal blog. I help Word Press freelancers, small shops, and product companies. For the most part, comment quantity remained about the same, though it might have been different people commenting. You know the stuff at the bottom of the content that listed “other articles around the web.” I didn’t like it much either and turned it off. There’s nothing I can do about what’s already happened, but what I can tell you is that your comments, going forward, on this site, aren’t getting monitored by Disqus any longer.

I’m hoping I can engage in more meaningful discussions regarding the technologies that I blog about with my own forum. I was trying to do something similar to get my comments out of Disqus but am using the Ghost blog software, and had tons of problems just getting things started.

Please do sign-up for the forum so you can comment and receive periodic updates of what gets posted! Your step by step helped me get everything imported successfully!

Naturally the first thing to do is to google the error message. Since I assumed that this problem would be pretty specific to my Octopress site, I guessed that the issue was related to a rogue Jekyll plugin. As an evangelist for Word Press (not an official job), I know I should spend more time making my site better. Because I spend my time helping other companies get better. One of the things I’d heard people didn’t like about Disqus was the ads.All while I now help a larger agency and their staff optimize how they support large enterprises adopt Word Press. Not only did I not want ads, but I work hard at creating specific and useful content and I didn’t want the latest pop news to show up on my site. And if you’re using Disqus right now, you might want to think about this too.Using this approach, the controller can push a nice object model back to the partial view instead of Json and we can take advantage of Razor and/or scaffolding for data presentation while enhancing the whole user experience.In this example, we will create a master page that contains a drop-down box and then we will add a partial view to display data filtered by the drop-down value.

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