Depredating goose eggs

The main point is to provide a solid buffer strip that creates a physical barrier at the shoreline.Adjacent terrain, soil moisture conditions, cost, and desired longevity of strip (i.e.In order for these buffer strips to be effective, they must retain their mature height throughout the entire year.Therefore, any mowing of the buffer strips will reduce their effectiveness and may render them useless as a goose deterrent.Some mixtures of cool season grasses and legumes can also function as an effective “goose deterring” buffer strip.

Using several techniques in combination is a much more effective strategy.

Buffer strips should be at least 10’ wide to be effective.

Several different seeding mixtures, shown below, are recommended for creating buffer strips. A District Biologist or private seed supplier can also be contacted for further recommendations.

Native warm season grasses are stiff-stemmed grasses that remain tall and erect, even throughout the winter.

This characteristic makes them an excellent choice for establishing tall buffer strips for this purpose.

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