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Carol, however, does her best to mediate: Moe asks her for advice (or rather, freaks out at her) after innocently allowing his young female neighbor to use his and Dani’s shower while the latter is at work.Dani inevitably calls to say she’s coming home early, and Moe nervously jabbers that he will cook them a “sandwich bar” for dinner.If she's lying (though how would you know without interrogating her) then just take the hint and move on.She's just trying to spare everyone an awkward situation. If you weren't hitting on her, then who cares? TL; DR The BFB is the least bitchy way a girl can halt your advances without outright rejecting you.As a man, I'd rather get the boyfriend bomb than any of the thousand other ways you could be rejected.It's the most tactful way of preventing the conversation from getting to the point where feelings have to get hurt.

His one-liners seem intelligently designed, focusing on absurdities that we take for granted.

He’s also dating a much younger woman (Alexandra Holden) around Carol’s age, and is fairly overt concerning his opinions about women maintaining their roles and not trying to do what men do (despite having two daughters).

Excited about living with a woman half his age, he kicks Carol out.

Now, you may or may not have actually been hitting on her. Take the hint, be a good sport, and get on with your life.

Addendum: That's not to say that girls don't sometimes drop the BFB in a somewhat bitchy way, e.g.

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